The Tables of the famous descendants are fantastic! A lot of hard work has gone into these.

Julie Smart, London

The Mowbray Legacy, initially intended for local interest only, has attracted attention from many parts of the world.

This book, fully revised and reprinted, begins with the Norman Conquest and ends with the death in 1481 of Lady Anne Mowbray, the last of her line and child bride of one of the Princes in the Tower.

It offers an overview of the entire Mowbray dynasty, ancestors of the Howard family, the current Dukes of Norfolk.

I am thrilled that someone has taken the initiative to do some research and put the story together.

Andrew Mowbray, Australia

  • 279 pages
  • 5 maps
  • 14 Charts
  • 21 genealogical tables, including royalty, US Presidents and Hollywood stars
  • 45 black and white photographs
  • Extensive bibliography