The Bare Bones of the Story of King John and Magna Carta




With a profile of Rebel Northern Baron Sir William de Mowbray

Your summary of the provisions of Magna Carta really helped me with my project.

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Sir William de Mowbray sided with those who revolted against King John in 1215 and was one of the twenty-five leading barons appointed to enforce the provisions of Magna Carta.

King John reneged on his promises and civil war broke out before this could be done.   One of only four survivors of the original copies of Magna Carta can be found in Lincoln Castle; there are two in the British Library and the fourth is in Salisbury Cathedral.

When King John died the reason for the unrest should have died with him, but William de Mowbray and like-minded barons continued to give their support to Louis of France who was claiming the throne in preference to the child Henry III, John’s nine-year-old son

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