The Bare Bones of Queen Victoria’s Family Trees:

Her Children and Grandchildren

In 1819 Princess Victoria of Kent and Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha were born within three months of each other. Her mother and his father were sister and brother. Twenty years later, the young Queen Victoria was completely bowled-over by her handsome cousin and wrote in her diary that he was ‘beautiful’. Within six months she had married him and was pregnant with the first of their nine children.

Those children’s children and grandchildren were encouraged to intermarry, and from them descend the Royal Families of Britain, Greece, Spain, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The kings of Romania and Yugoslavia were also descended from Victoria and Albert, and the last Kaiser of Germany was their eldest grandchild. The last Tsarina of Russia, Alexandra Feodorovna (born Princess Alix of Hesse and by Rhine), was a granddaughter, while her sister Victoria of Hesse was the mother of Earl Mountbatten of Burma and the maternal grandmother of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

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Queen Victoria’s Family Trees

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The little boy, left, is Prince Arthur of Connaught (1893-1938), seen here with his sister Princess Margaret ‘Daisy’ (1882-1920) and their grandmother in the mid-1880’s. Their father, Arthur, Duke of Connaught (1850-1942) was the seventh and longest-lived child of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and outlived his son.

Like his father, Prince Arthur chose a military career. He married his first cousin once removed, Princess Alexandra, Duchess of Fife, a granddaughter of his Uncle King Edward VII. In 1943 their only son, who had become Duke of Connaught the previous year upon the death of his grandfather, died in circumstances in Canada never fully explained. Later in life Princess Alexandra, who appears to have be a down-to-earth sort of character, became a nurse.

In 1905 Princess Margaret of Connaught married the Crown Prince of Sweden but died in 1920 from infection after undergoing an operation for mastoiditis. She was pregnant with her sixth child that did not survive. Among her grandchildren are the present King of Sweden, the Queen of Denmark and the former Queen of Greece. As his second wife her widower married Lady Louise Mountbatten, sister of Earl Mountbatten of Burma.

Princess Margaret of Connaught at her marriage to Gustaf Adolf Crown Prince of Sweden, 1905.

(The youngest child of the Duke of Connaught and his wife Princess Louise Margaret of Prussia was Princess Patricia (1886-1974), who gave up her title in 1919 upon her marriage to The Hon. Alexander Ramsay, a younger son of the Earl of Dalhousie.)