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The main purpose of the Queens-Haven Publications website is to present and promote the research of North Lincolnshire historian and lecturer Marilyn Roberts, but it is also hoped that information to be found or accessed from here will be of help and interest to all who have a love of English history, the history of the Royal Family and a fascination with the complexities of British Royal and Noble genealogy.

Marilyn Roberts was born in North Lincolnshire and has lived there for the greater part of her life. She was educated at Didsbury College, Manchester, and the University of Hull, from where in the 1970’s she was awarded a Master’s degree in the History and Politics of the Administration of Education in England and Wales. She was forced to take early retirement because of ill health in the 1990’s and has since embarked on a new career as a writer and lecturer  and is also a Collections Care Co-ordinator at Epworth Old Rectory Museum, childhood home of John and Charles Wesley.

Marilyn’s major area of research, The Mowbray Legacy, initially intended for local interest only, has attracted attention from many parts of the world. This book was fully revised and reprinted in 2012 and we are confident that, beginning as it does with the Norman Conquest and ending with the death in 1481 of Lady Anne Mowbray, the last of her line and child bride of one of the Princes in the Tower, it is unique in offering an overview of the entire dynasty, ancestors of the Howard Dukes of Norfolk.

 Our current publications include:

The Mowbray Legacy

The story of one of England’s greatest medieval families

Lady Anne Mowbray – The High and Excellent Princess

The story of the five-year-old wife of one of the Princes in the Tower

Trouble in Paradise (Provisional Title)

Queen Katherine Howard, the Dowager Duchess and Norfolk House, Lambeth

(In Preparation)

The Bare Bones of Queen Victoria’s Family Trees

The children and grandchildren

British Royal Family Trees

From William the conqueror to the House of Windsor

The Bare Bones of English History - Romans to Elizabeth I *

*SOLD OUT; possible revision and reprinting in 2016

Arms granted by King Richard II to Thomas Mowbray, first Duke of Norfolk

Research on Mowbray London connections has led to two further books, which were at first intended as appendices to The Mowbray Legacy, but became too big for that purpose. The first, published in the autumn of 2013, is concerned with the last member of the family, Lady Anne Mowbray, who as a five-year-old was married to four-year-old Prince Richard of York, one of the young sons of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville. The second, which is still in preparation, began as a search for Norfolk House in Lambeth, famously associated with the young Mowbray descendant Katherine Howard. Soon, however, it developed into an interest not only in the house itself, but also in Agnes Tilney, Dowager Duchess of Norfolk, step-grandmother to both Katherine and her first cousin, Anne Boleyn.

In May 2013 Marilyn appeared as a guest speaker on the Alison Weir Lancaster and York tour when she guided participants around the area in East London where Anne Mowbray’s remains had been found in 1964. In June she was invited to speak on The Six Wives of Henry VIII tour, drawing comparisons between Gainsborough Old Hall, where Katherine Howard stayed in 1541, and Norfolk House, Lambeth, where she had lived with her step-grandmother before King Henry became smitten with her. (See www.alisonweirtours.com)

NEWS: July 2014: Marilyn has been invited to speak about Queen Alexandra and Queen Mary on the Alison Weir Great Queens Tour in June 2015.

Although concerned mostly with the history of medieval and Tudor England, Marilyn Roberts has also carried out extensive research on the lives of the children and grandchildren of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, which can be found in The Bare Bones of Queen Victoria’s Family Trees, published in 2012. We are proud to have been invited to supply this book to Gift Shops on the royal estate at Sandringham. and to Romsey Abbey, Hampshire, the burial place of Earl Mountbatten of Burma.

There are other projects in the pipeline – some, but not all, will be further offshoots from the original Mowbray Legacy.

NEWS: Epworth in North Lincolnshire will be holding Magna Carta 800 celebrations from Friday 5 to Sunday 7 June 2015. Magna Carta baron Sir William de Mowbray died at his Epworth home in 1224. Details of events to follow shortly.

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I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Fisk Printers in Hull, and especially Andy Gill, who has a great deal more patience with my frequent changes of mind than I deserve. Thanks again, Andy!

Marilyn Roberts,

December 2014

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